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  1. Ultimate Sleep Guide  – 8 Simple Steps for a Better Morning
  2. Q&A video with Dr. Lynch – Sleep & Supplemental Support
  3. A Letter from Dr. Lynch – How to Wake Up in the Morning
In these resources, Dr. Lynch offers some of the most advanced HOW TO information on optimizing your circadian rhythm by utilizing lighting, nutrition, supplements, and many other valuable lifestyle tools (like wifi and EMFs).

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 Did you know that your cells regenerate while you sleep?

YES! Sleep can create a massive transformation in your life!
  • Sleep affects growth and stress hormones, your immune system, appetite, breathing, blood pressure, and cardiovascular health.
  • Research shows that the benefits are endless: healthy weight, lowered risk for serious health issues, reduced stress, and improved mood.
  • Sleep is also VITAL to a large number of brain functions, including how nerve cells communicate and the process of processing (and removing) toxins in your brain that build up during waking hours!

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"If you have trouble staying asleep, you wake up early in the morning to use the restroom, you can't get out of bed in the morning, or you get dizzy upon standing – consider your adrenal health."

~ Dr. Ben Lynch